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What makes OJOEE Racquets so different?

OJOEE has a revolutionary approach to racquet designs. By using cross bars to manage the length of the horizontal and vertical strings, we optimize the harmonics of the strings action creating a racquet with hitting characteristics that provide power and control in one racquet. You no longer need to choose between the two when selecting a racquet. Our racquets also reduce the stress on your elbow and shoulder.
There tends to be some confusion of where the best hitting location, “Sweet Spot”, is truly located. Some believe it is in the center of the racquet head, others know it to be closer to the handle. Our Professional Series racquets simplifies the debate. We have optimized not only the best bounce zone of the racquet with the best control zone as well as moved them both towards the center of the racquet head. Providing unique performance in a single racquet. See racquet facts for more details.
With these modifications we have designed a racquet with more power than a standard racquet with comparable features. With our design we accomplish this while maintaining control which is otherwise lost when trading off for power.  When using our racquets you will see you now can use smoother and softer swings to achieve the shots you want. So not only do we improve your performance but we also provide players with “shots they did not have before” as quoted by one of our evaluators. By allowing for a smoother swing, more of your energy can diverted to the game itself.
Even with the increased combination of power and control the stress on your arm is reduced due to our design. The improved characteristics also affords you the ability to string our racquets at a lesser tensions than you normally would further reducing the stress. This combination translates to less stress on your elbow and shoulder minimizing the potentially negative effects associated with extended play. As quoted by one of our evaluators “I no longer need to wear my brace”.


OJOEE Industries, Inc. is a company focused on producing revolutionary new tennis racquet designs.

OJOEE has created a unique series of designs, which improves the overall performance characteristics of our racquets. The company along with its team of advisers is determined to provide players with a new experience in playing the game. We are also targeting the beginner by providing them a more responsive racquet to make learning the game easier and more fun.



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